Let your site be heard! JBGMusic is a simple player and is the only player that will allow your audio to play between page loads.  It is very easy to setup, just point it to your folder of audio files.  The player is pure HTML5 and is very lightweight.

Following features are already built-in:

  • Load playlist from folder
  • or list your playlist manually
  • Shuffle play
  • Loop play
  • Autoplay (*)
  • Customisable player

(*) Autoplay is subject to browser restrictions on autoplay of audio, user interaction may be required.

The extension is fully functional and ready for use in your site.  

Note that this version free to use but shows a Credits line for every instance, a separate purchase of a license key is required to remove the Credits line.


For more information, please read FAQ on JBGMusic.



2020-06-25 Initial version

Brand URL : https://www.jfriendly.net

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